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CloudI is a private cloud computing framework for efficient, secure, and internal data processing. CloudI facilitates a cloud of processes for solving embarrassingly parallel and divide and conquer problems with dynamic load balancing work pools while maintaining fault-tolerant workers.

Preferred Stock Screener
Preferred Stock Screener

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A Preferred Stock Screening application that merges data from's free preferred stock database with data from's free financial data server(s). This allows an investor to evaluate some or all of the preferred stocks based on yield to call, yield to maturity, rating, ex-dividend date, price, etc.. Selected data is then available to be written to a file that is easily imported to any spreadsheet program for further evaluation or storage. Otherwise, the most recent data for all available preferred stocks is kept in a local SQL database for quicker access.

This is an open-source application released with a BSD license. It is platform independent (created with Python) and has been tested on both Linux and Windows. An installable is provided for Windows users.

Get the Latest Version (0.71b, 11/27/2014):
Download the Windows Installer
Download the Python source code (gzip)
Download the Python source code (bzip2)